Meeting Minutes

2021-2022 Meeting Minutes

PTA Meeting Minutes 4/19/2022Tonight’s attendance = 23The teachers represented tonight will receive $25 in classroom cash
Secretaries Report Alison Anderson moved to approve PTA meeting minutes from 1/25/22, second from Tawni Willetts, all in favor, non-opposed, motion approved. Please consider becoming a member again next year, forms will be available at the beginning of the school year.
Boy Scout Project Update Shipping for buddy benches is delayed.
PTA Board Member Applicants for 2022-2023 term Kristen Cole moved to approve Julianne Vitt for PTA President, second from Karen Kitto, all in favor, non-opposed, motion approved. Kristen Cole moved to approve Ashley Wilson for PTA Treasurer, second from Karen Kitto, all in favor, non-opposed, motion approved. Kristen Cole moved to approve Molly Smith as a General Board Member, second from Karen Kitto, all in favor, non-opposed, motion approved.
Treasurer’s Report Brought in 74K, will spend roughly 64K, including items up for approval tonight, which leaves about 20k to roll-over to next year.
Principal’s Report Doug thanked the exiting board members for doing an awesome job, challenging him, and giving the kids and staff what they need. Doug announced the following changes for next year: 2 counselors instead of 1, which has never been done in this district. 2 behavior coaches, which has also never been done in this district. 4 classes for every grade (except 3rd, 5th and 6th grades), to have 18-22 kids per class. An MTSS and 2 reading coaches. 4 specials, which are PE, Art, Music, and Health Movement. Hiring a new art teacher and new health movement position. Conference room will become a calm down space for kids, with a coach. Need to add 10-11 positions for Doug’s plan, so far all of the candidates are amazing. 3 of the candidates under consideration are ERE alumni while Doug was Principle. Plan to move up from within, we have an amazing staff. Jill Sanger will be an AP when she finishes her masters. To accomplish this plan, Doug’s budget doesn’t cover iReady for next year. iReady math costs $26k and resources cost $15k. This is a new expense for PTA, typically under Doug’s budget. Plan to only cover it for next year. Kristen Cole motions to approve PTA to cover cost of iReady ($41K), Amanda Ferguson seconds, all in favor, non-opposed, motion approved.
Library Inventory Restock When Sam started in fall, the average age of the library books was 2005. We had 12,000 books, which is good, but too many books are outdated, especially non-fiction. Worked with the district mead center to remove 4000 outdated books, which raised the average age to 2008, but reduced the number of books per student. Goal is to have 15 books per student and an average age around 2012. Sam would like to buy 1500 new books now, then buy 3500 new books over the next 2 years to get average age up. While at the same time weeding out old books. Library is currently in the “At risk” category. Asking for $30k for this year, and $10k for next year. Will need about 10k the year after that, but can fundraise for this next year as well. It’s a lot of money to spend in one area, but the school really values literacy and recognizes the importance of having a library that is exciting for kids to come to, since it has books the kids really want to read. Buying books from our vendor keeps them under warranty and reduces cataloging, etc. as opposed to donated books that do not have a warranty and cannot be replaced when damaged. Plan to add eBooks as well as audio books. Molly Smith motions to approve of $40k to restock and update the library, second from Rebecca Erez, all in favor, non-opposed, motion approved.
School Garden The school garden started as a Girl Scout project, and it was a well-intended project. However, they moved on and no one took care of it. Jennie visited 7 different elementary schools with 7 different gardens, all of them are run by someone dedicated to the garden. None of the schools use the same platform. The Lone Tree Elementary Garden is managed by DUG (Denver Urban Gardens) and is amazing, Our garden must be sustainable and not rely on a dedicated person (teacher or parent, etc.) that might leave some day. DUG does community school-based gardens. They create gardens that have 1/3 of the plots for the school and 2/3rds for the community. Jennie sent out a survey to teachers to gauge interest and there is more than enough interest to make use of the garden plots (1/3 of the plots). For example, SPED wants a dedicated plot. First step is to get community feedback, then a DUG architect will design the garden and come up with a cost. DUG projects typically range from $30-50k. DUG will break ground once it is fully funded. They assist in getting grants to help fund, plus we can fundraise. People using the community plots are background checked. Most vegetables grow over the summer, but community members take care of the garden year-round. Once the garden is built, DUG runs it. Lone Tree Garden has a waitlist of community interest that could come to us. The space designated for the garden is where the current garden is located. This space is not useful for another mobile, its too far away from the school and cameras. A garden provides an opportunity to grow to donate to food banks and backpack society. If interested, please attend the DUG meeting on May 10th, meeting info will be in Thurs folder. This meeting is for the community not just for ERE, so spread the word.
Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week Moved it back a week to be on the same schedule as other schools. Monday is a coffee cart and pastries, Tues is Jimmy Johns, Wed is Santiago’s breakfast burritos, Thurs. is Cranelli’s lunch, and Fri is a flower truck and Bundt cakes. Sheets for kids to fill out for their teachers and staff will be in Thurs. folders.
PTA Sponsored Events PTA wanted to get things back to normal as much as possible, make it fun for the kids, and help the teachers and staff. We had a busy year!
On-going Fundraisers and Restaurant Nights Both Kings Soopers and Restaurant Nights to earn almost $5k each. May try a different pizza place, as long as they provide same benefits as Papa John’s. Upcoming restaurant nights are:o May 12, Papa John’s.o May 17, Cumbl Cookie.
Thank You Volunteers!!! Andra Stene for school supplies and Scrips. John Freeman for the holiday shop, Indie taking over next year. Paige Rabon for the VIP & Daughter Dance. Rhea McMahon and Kate Barnes for the Science Fair. Kelly Nathaniel for yearbooks. Kalley Sadler for PTA Treasurer. Makara Conn for PTA Secretary and VP.
Upcoming Dates May 2-6: Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. May: End of Scrips gift card program. May 25: Last Day of School.

PTA Meeting Minutes 1/25/2022Tonight’s attendance= 50The teachers represented tonight will receive $25 in classroom cash
Secretaries Report The Eagle Ridge By-Laws are reviewed, approved, and submitted to the Colorado PTA every 3 years. This is due for 2022. Alison Anderson moved to approve of the Eagle Ridge PTA By-Laws for 2022, 2nd from Katie Genova, motion approved, none opposed. Alison Anderson moved to approve PTA meeting minutes from 10/25/2021, 2nd from Paige Rabon, motion approved, none opposed. There is still time to join the PTA, membership accepted up till March 1st. Please visit our website for more info.
Boy Scouts Eagle Service Projects Gaga Pit Jacob Duncan, an ERE alum, would like to make improvements to the gaga pit for his Eagle Scout Project. The gag pit was one of his favorite things when he was at ERE, but currently the gaga pit causes injuries to knuckles and splinters. Jacob consulted with Couch Cliff Gaga Ball Pits regarding improvements. Proposed improvements are: Update flooring to add rubber tiles for pit to sit on; tiles securely lock so that they will not come up like they’ve done in the past. Adding new brackets and hardware for stability. Adding top covers to preserve wood and prevent kids from sitting on it. Replacing the current walls. Apply wood stain and weather treatment to wood. Add an ADA accessible gate to the gaga pit entrance. The ERE Student Leadership can be responsible for re-applying stain and weather treatment to the pit as needed. The total cost of these improvements is $4610 (including the ADA gate). Jacob is required to fundraise a portion of the project. Couch Cliff Gaga Pits has worked with Boy Scouts before and offers sales tax exempt for all purchases in addition to 10% off for Boy Scouts. Kalley Saddler suggested that the PTA approve of $4300, which leaves $310 for Jacob to fundraise. But if he can fundraise more than the PTA can just pay the difference. Goal is to have project completed after Spring Break. Buddy Benches with Shade Hunter Cole’s Eagle Scout Project is to buy and install 2 Buddy Benches for ERE. The buddy benches include an attached shade structure. He proposes to add one buddy bench to the lower playground, bottom of hill, and another to the upper playground, top of hill. The total cost of the project is $5800. The benches and shipping will cost $5500 and installation is $300 for concrete, tools, and supplies. Hunter proposes the PTA cover the $5500 and he will raise $300 for installation. His troop will do the installation. Kalley Saddler moved to approve $4300 for the gaga pit and $5500 for the buddy benches, 2nd from Makara Conn, motion approved, none opposed.
Principal’s Report A big thanks to Jacob and Hunter for selecting ERE for their Eagle Boy Scout projects. Still working through this COVID wave while some teachers are out. The teachers and staff really appreciate the stock the lounge. In addition to providing food/drinks, it also brings them together. Still waiting for the budget for next year. More budget info to come during the next SAC meeting in the beginning of March. Enrollment for next year is estimated at 580 students. Still have more students coming, just added 10 families the other day. Planning on small class sizes and more intensive support. It’s been a tough few years due to COVID.
Fundraiser and Event Updates Recent PTA Events Thank you to Lisa Thompson, Stephanie Dunbar, and Taryn Rosser for a really fun Parents night out at the Lone Tree Brewery. Thanks so much to John Freeman for running the Holiday Shop. The kids really enjoy this and learn money lessons at the same time. Reminder that we need a chair (or co-chairs) for this event for next year! Thanks to Brittany Connelly and the PTA Board for stocking the lounge. Again, this is much appreciated. Thanks to Andra Stene for her work on gift cards through Scrips. Ongoing Fundraisers Doing well with all ongoing fundraisers. Restaurant Nights has already earned the same amount that it earned all of last year. Keep up the good work Rana! Papa Johns is working on resolving some issues they had last time so everyone can get their orders in next time on 2/10. If you haven’t already, make sure to use Amazon Smile and select ERE PTA to receive charity for your purchases on Amazon. Its easy to setup, more information on our website. PTA Funding Thus Far We have funded many improvements thus far, including the new sound/microphone systems in all classrooms, 1st grade phonics books, 5th grade field trip, new fridge in teachers lounge, stock the lounge, sensory kits for all classrooms, testing materials, classroom cubbies, and student leadership shirts. Future ideas for funding include Leader In Me curriculum, playground updates (shade structure, more benches, tables, trees), and Wish week prizes and/or pizza parties. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for future improvements that benefit all students and positively impact ERE!
Treasurer’s Report Board spending decisions approved outside this meeting Battle of the books t-shirts on 1//24/2022. 2021-2022 2nd Quarter Actuals Net profit is around 70K, expenses around 20k. We need to spend some money since we are a non-profit. Looking for ideas for improvements to the school that benefit all students. Will pay Doug to support supplies for staff and PTA will also donate copy paper, which is in need due to delays in the supply chain.
VIP & Daughter Dance Changed the name from Daddy Daughter Dance to be more inclusive. Daughters can choose a VIP in their life to take to the dance, including Father’s, Mother’s, Grandfather’s, Step-Father’s, etc. Theme is diamonds and denim. Can mix and match, girls can decide. Checks due to ERE PTA by 2/16. Have a new DJ this year that we are excited about. Photo booth is new and provides digital pictures, so there won’t be a line waiting for printed pictures. All snacks are individually packaged, so no servers or serving utensils. This is an “at will” event, you are not required to attend if you are not comfortable. Last dance had about 144 daughters. It is also a community event; the goal is to break even; it is not a fundraiser. Masks are not required; it is up to you to decide. Need about 7-8 helpers, sign-up coming soon. HS students that need volunteer hours are welcome to help, please contact PTA. Cranelli’s is offering free garlic knots and $5 off dinner on the night of the dance, just mention that you are attending the dance.
Science Fair Virtual assembly on 2/3, followed by in-class experiments for teachers to perform. Science Fair on 3/3, not sure if it will be virtual or not yet.
Upcoming PTA Events 2/23: Box Tops due 2/26: VIP & Daughter Dance 3/3: Science Fair 3/8 & 10: Spring Conferences 4/19: PTA General Meeting – Elect new board 5/2-6: Teacher appreciation week 5/25: Last day of school
Pending PTA Events Mother and Son event. Talent Show; if in person needs 2-3 chairs, but might be virtual. Spring donut day. Spring community event; must be outside like a movie night.
Board Positions Created new VP board positions to help the president so that that role is easier to fill. The Board Positions for the 2022-2024 term are: (for more info on open positions, see the Board Meet and Greet below) President: Needed VP of Communications: Filled by Alison Anderson VP of Fundraising: Filled by Rana Hajmurad VP of Events: Needed Treasurer: To be filled by Ashley Wilson Secretary: Needed The ERE community is supper supportive as well as all of the out-going board members. They make being a board member so much easier and will make sure anyone interested will succeed. According to the by-laws, to be in good standing, the PTA board must have a President, VP(s), Treasurer, and Secretary. Introducing Ashley Wilson Thank you, Ashley, for volunteering to be PTA Treasurer for the 2022-2024 term! Ashley has an accounting degree and is a loan processing officer. She has and 2 children, one of which is at ERE in 1st grade. In addition to the 3 PTA Board positions, we are in need of a Holiday Shop chair (or co-chairs) for next years shop. John is leaving ERE at the end of the school year, so it would be good to have this filled while he is still here.
Board Meet and Greet! Makara Conn is hosting a board meet and greet coffee event at her house on Tuesday Feb. 1st at 10am. This is an opportunity to learn more about the open board positions and ask questions of the PTA board. Please email the PTA at to RSVP and for the address.
Next General PTA Meeting April 19th, 2022

PTA Meeting Minutes 10/26/2021

Tonight’s attendance= 32
The teachers represented tonight will receive $25 in classroom cash

Secretaries Report
● Alison Anderson moved to approve PTA meeting minutes from 8/31, 2nd from Tawni Willets, motion approved, none opposed. ● PTA Membership currently at 102 members. ● PTA Directory coming soon.
Principal’s Report ● Enrollment ○ Enrolling more and more kids. Have 40-45 kids over projection. ○ So far Kindergarten is mostly impacted, then 4th grade. ○ Doug is considering options for kindergarten first, including hiring. However, keep in mind that hiring an additional teacher means that some kids will move teachers. ○ Doug sent out a survey to kindergarten parents for feedback. Please fill out and submit. ○ So far, most of the feedback suggests hiring a new teacher but not moving kids. ● Leader in me survey ○ Thanks to all the responded. Looks like we need to work on the skill set but have the language down. ○ Need to focus on getting kids to be proactive instead of reactive, he wants to coach and teach that. ● Mask mandate ○ Court decided to honor restraining order, therefore starting on 10/27 masks are required, now allowing only medical exemptions. ○ No regulation on type of mask. School gets a new shipment weekly for kids. District pays for these masks.
● If you need Holiday help please reach out to Doug. There are people that want to help and Eagle Ridge is here for you.

Fundraiser and Event Updates ● PTA Events ○ We had a busy fall, winter not as busy. ● Fund Run Financials ○ 20K over our goal! ○ Startup fee for website will be covered for next year because we raised so much. ● PTA funding thus far ○ Talked to Doug and we will be providing leader in me curriculum. ○ Need to vote on larger items to approve them. ○ Need ideas for updates to playground, landscaping, shade structure, outside classroom, etc. ○ We have enough money to do something big, so think big ideas.
Ongoing Fundraisers ● King Soopers is biggest ongoing fundraiser. ● Spirit Rock already raised $1,125. ● Restaurant nights is doing well with new banner.
Restaurant Nights ● So far earned $1,193. ● There was a miscommunication with Chick-fil-A and only 2 people were in the kitchen that night. However, it all worked out and the ERE orders were counted. ● Stickers for kinders helped promote pizza night!
Treasurer’s Report ● Board spending decisions approved outside this meeting ○ Board approved to pay for a class for Kiona. ○ Board approved spending $500 to setup Memberhub for the Fund Run. ○ Board approved T-shirt purchase for Fund Run. ○ Board decided to cover the Friends 2 Friends t-shirts for $800 instead of the budgeted $500. ○ Board approved of a new refrigerator in the teachers’ lounge. ● Actuals ○ The actuals spreadsheet is missing Chick-fil-A. ○ Not all teachers have received eagle enhancements, need to get them all in by March. ○ We have a reserve from last year in addition to 50K, so think big. ○ Audit was completed. ● Eagle enhancements ○ Each teacher gets additional $25 if rep attends mtg.
Upcoming PTA Events ● Need a shadow for Holiday shop! ● Will send out an email to ask.
Pending PTA Events ● Parents night out ○ This has been planned and decided. ○ Going to Lone Tree Brewery to support local businesses. Has a patio with heaters and food truck. ○ Happening on Friday Nov 12 from 6-9. ○ More info in Thursday folder. ○ No cost to attend. Adults only! ● Bingo has been taken out due to COVID, too many people inside. ● Talent Show needs 2-3 chairs! ● Working on a new Spring event like a fair, movie night, band, etc.
PTA Needs ● Need to elect board 3 members at the PTA mtg in April! Need President, VP and Treasurer. ● Again, need a shadow for John for Holiday shop!
Next General PTA Meeting ● January 25th, 2022

PTA Meeting Minutes 8/31/2021

Tonight’s attendance= 56

The teachers represented tonight will receive $25 in classroom cash

Welcome and about the PTA

  • Introduction of the board members present at the meeting: Erin Veruchi (President), Makara Conn (VP), Kalley Sadler (Treasurer), Alison Anderson (Co-Secretary), Rana Hajmurad (Co-Secretary) and Katie Genova (General Board member). Not present: Indria Hutchinson (General Board Member).

  • Thanks to the outgoing PTA board members Amanda Ferguson, Paige Rabon, and Dana Garrett for their hard work and service.

  • The PTA works to build a strong relationship among parents, teachers, and the school. PTA provides items for ERE students and staff that would otherwise not be available due to budgetary constraints.

  • The PTA is only successful due to its many volunteers, so thank you!

Secretaries Report

  • Attendance was really good, over 50 people attended!

  • Alison Anderson motioned to approve of the last PTA meeting minutes from 4/20, 1st from Erin Veruchi, 2nd from Katie Genova, motion approved, none opposed.

  • Responsibilities of classroom representatives:

    • Classroom representatives pass along PTA information to teachers and vice versa.

    • In the past, parent reps were responsible for sending teachers the PTA meeting minutes. Now, the PTA will send the meeting minutes to the teachers.

  • Membership review:

    • We have over 61 members so far. Active PTA membership is required to be included in the digital directory and to vote at PTA meetings.

    • Teachers need active PTA membership to get classroom cash. Teachers also need classroom parent reps in attendance at the PTA meeting to get an additional $25 per meeting in classroom cash.

Principal’s Report

  • This year we added more students to the school and we now have the largest school in the area.

  • A Magic Johnson story:

    • When in High School, Magic Johnson was in a Point Scorer position. During one of his games, he scored 52 of the 54 points. However, the parents were not happy since their kids were not given a chance to score. He learned from that experience to instead help uplift everyone around him.

    • In relation to Magic Johnson, the school’s job is to make sure all students get what they need and for our teachers to be Magic.

  • Help for students:

    • Some of the new students to the school are new due the pandemic and haven’t been in a classroom setting for 1-2 years or more.

    • To help, the school plans to pull every child out one on one or in small groups to make sure they are getting what they need, including mental health.

  • Available jobs and volunteer opportunities:

    • We are not fully staffed. Available Jobs are posted on the website.

    • Because of the additional students, we will be getting more help from the district. It is constantly evolving. Instead of waiting a year, we’re getting support much sooner.

    • There are tons of opportunities for volunteers, we really missed having volunteers in the school last year.

    • All volunteers will all get a badge. FBI database is checked when you enter the school and scan your badge.

    • There is currently no one person to manage all school volunteers. PTA volunteers are managed by PTA, teachers will ask for volunteers in the classroom, etc.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Last Year 2020-2021 Actuals:

    • Kalley is having an Issue with Chase bank that started on 7/1 when the new president changed, so PayPal didn’t come over in the actuals report. PayPal income cleared after 7/19/21.

    • We had about $6000 (or almost $10,000 after PayPal cleared) left over from last year (in the black). Total income was 94K and expenses were 88K.

    • $15,000 for the new sound system for all teachers in the classrooms is not paid for yet.

    • Kalley motioned to approve actuals from last year, 1st from Amanda Ferguson, 2nd from Paige Rabon, motion approved, none opposed.

  • Proposed Budget for 2020-2021:

    • Planning on raising $40,000 from Fund Run, which comes to about $33,000 after Ninja nation and other expenses.

    • Planning around $1,500 for spirit rock, but will probably raise more money this year since it is already paid for.

    • King Soopers cards do well; earns $4,000 for the school and Amazon Smile about $800.

    • Holiday shop earns about $100, but hopefully will do better this year.

    • Budgeted $10,000 for technology.

    • Kalley motioned to approve proposed budget, 1st from Amanda Ferguson, 2nd from Sam Sweitzer, motion approved, none opposed.

  • Eagle Enhancements

    • Classroom cash is available to teachers who join the PTA. Teachers must submit requests with itemized receipts for approval to Kalley for purchases.

    • Each department will get an allotted budgeted amount; from $500 for classroom teachers to $200 for Speech, OT, etc. We increased the SSN/SPED budget this year to $500. If a department needs an increase, then they can request that.

    • Parents can be PTA reps for more than one teacher. But we encourage more involvement, meaning different reps for each teacher.

    • School does have a PT on district need (not a staff member). They get same amount of classroom cash as an OT and can come to our PTA if they are needed at our school.

  • ERE t-shirts:

    • We have the most sponsorships this year for ERE t-shirts. Yay!

    • Due to the pandemic screen printers do not have ink, so t-shirts are delayed. ERE t-shirts will be handed out to students on the day of the Fund Run.

  • Parent reps are cheerleaders for the PTA, so please consider being a parent rep.

  • We also encourage you to like our Eagle Ridge Elementary School PTA Facebook page!

Fund Run

  • This is the biggest event of the year.

  • The Fund Run is on September 10th, 2021.

  • Signup Genius coming for volunteer opportunities. We are in need of lap counters for each race.

  • Please register if you haven’t already and donate online!

  • Fund Run will pay for the speaker system in classrooms. Some kids are hard of hearing, for them the speaker system is crucial. Also helps teachers be heard easily, especially with masks.

  • Currently raised $20,000 or ½ already!

  • 5th and 6th graders can be DJs and MCs, lots of kids are interested. There are only 2 slots per grade, but because there is so much interest, we might have 3.

  • ERE T-shirts will be provided to the kids on the day of the race with a lap card taped on the back.

  • Team Moore won a pizza party for all kids being registered!

  • There are still a lot of prizes to be won. This year we tried to make the prizes more inclusive to all kids! Limo not possible this year due to COVID and logistics, but maybe again in the future.

  • Goal is Ninja nation, which is an obstacle course setup outside. 2 kids go through it at a time. Waivers will be sent out closer to Fund Run.

Ongoing Fundraisers

  • Box Tops, etc. is digital now, so hoping for more donations this year. Could use some help promoting this.

  • When shopping on Amazon, make sure to use Amazon Smile and select ERE to donate to (ERE gets 0.5%).

  • Use the King Soopers website to give rewards to ERE. Login and assign ERE to community rewards. Code is GK674.

  • We use Scripts for teacher gift cards. Gift cards for teachers are given twice a year, holiday and school year. We get some money back, between 1-13%. If you buy Scripts gift cards for others, ERE can earn money as well. Also, companies that use Scripts for gift cards can earn money for ERE.

Restaurant Nights

  • Restaurant nights are booked through May. 2021.

  • There are approx. 2x restaurant nights a month. Papa John’s is once a month and then another restaurant once a month.

  • Made $150 from Gelato & Co! The kids loved it, so will probably do it again in the future.

  • Cookie Crumble is coming in May, made $230 last time.

  • Chick-Fil-A and Noodles & Co are new this year.

  • List of Restaurant Nights will be sent out next week in the Thurs folder.

  • Sometimes the employees at the restaurant don’t know about the ERE fundraising. Make sure to mention ERE. Also, ordering online sometimes works best with Papa Johns; school code is school1.

Chairs and Volunteers needed

  • Thank you to our 2020-2021 event chairs!

  • Chair updates and co-chairs/volunteers needed:

    • Andra Stene is chair for school supplies, Scripts, and flower sale. However, Andra needs help (co-chair) in the spring for the flower sale.

    • John Freeman is chair for Holiday Shop. He needs a shadow for holiday shop this year

    • Paige Rabon is doing VIP and daughter dance. This event has a new name to be more inclusive. Stephanie Kopet is chair for Mother and Son event (name will change as well), Rhea McMahon and Kate Barnes chair the science fair, and Kelly Nathaniel is chair for yearbook.

    • Dana Garrett is chair for the Talent Show and needs 2-3 co-chair volunteers.

  • Chairs needed:

    • Donut day needs a chair. It was Dads and Donuts but is now for everybody so we can get more people for count day. This is on October 1st.

    • Conference dinner coordinators needed (Oct 12-14 in fall and Mar 8-10 in spring).

  • Events without dates, waiting for a chair, pending Covid safety for some:

    • These are community events to bring people together, not PTA events. But the PTA is happy to help the chairs. Without a chair, we cannot commit to a date for these events.

      • Parent’s night out (parent only community event).

      • B-I-N-G-O. This is a really popular one. Typically, every kid that attends will get a prize!

      • Kids Run the School Day.

      • Spirit wear Coordinator (1-2x a year). Need to find a company for this.

      • General Volunteer Coordinator for school run events, such as hearing & vision screening, lost and found, Thanksgiving feast, etc. Would work with front office directly.

    • In-person signups at meeting will be put in digital format for those that didn’t attend.

  • The PTA could use some Board Shadows. We will need to fill the President, Vice President, and Treasurer positions next year. So please join us as a shadow and attend the events this year.

  • If interested, please contact the PTA at

  • You are always welcome to come last minute to events to help or cheer on the kids. However, to be fair we will honor signup genius volunteers first.

Upcoming PTA Events

  • 9/10: Fund Run

  • 9/16: Papa John’s night

  • 9/28: Chick-Fil-A night

  • 10/1: Donut Day

  • 10/12- 10/14: Fall conferences

  • NEW… 10/8 – 10/14: Book Fair in the library. Sam needs help and will send out a signup genius.

  • 10/14: Papa John’s night

  • 10/15: Box Tops for Education due

  • Desk Calendars with important dates already on them were on sale at the meeting and can be purchased at the front office.

Next General PTA Meeting

  • Scheduled for Oct. 26th, 2021 at 7pm.

2020-2021 Meeting Minutes

PTA Meeting Minutes 4/20/2021
Tonight’s attendance= 29The teachers represented tonight will receive $25 in classroom cash
Secretaries Report
  • Steph Kopet motions to approve, Sam Sweitzer seconds motion to approve minutes from January’s meeting.
  • 93 PTA members this school year. Will work to get more next year.

Restaurant Nights
  • $2,453.01 so far.
  • Upcoming: Papa Johns last time May 6th, Crumble Cookie May 19th
  • Review of teachers who’ve won Papa Johns pizza parties
  • Vote to see if we like 2/month or not (Most said they LIKE current 1-2x month)

Treasurers Report
  • In the black
  • Getting Eagle Enhancements paid out ($12,400 paid, under budget)
  • Spirit Rock already paid and earning funds! Register now for summer spots
  • PTA repaired marquee, purchased new laminator, sports equipment & teacher supplies
  • Teacher Appreciation week, conference meals & Thanksgiving gift
  • 6th grade funds from fundraisers (Fund Run/Read-a-thon) will go towards an end of year 6th grade celebration. Vote to cover all -- Steph motioned to approve & Alicia 2nd. All in favor, yes.
  • Want to rewire the school sound system for teachers classrooms. $8500 this year, remaining of technology budget. Vote if that is approved. Would pull from reserves to cover (enough to cover it). Doug may be able to cover some tech budget from the school budget. Excludes gym. $14800 total to get all classrooms updated. Some need accessories and some need new systems, have nothing. Can prioritize if we don't fund it all now. Also important for our deaf & hard of hearing students.
  • Kalley moves to cover the entire $14800 to update technology system. 2nd by Andra Stene. Motion approved. Nays: 0
  • May look into PA system in the future, if upgrades are needed. Doug will report back.
  • In August, Doug may need us to help cover end of year expenses.

Principals Report
  • Doug's son is learning how to drive.
  • Celebrations:
      • Aaron McClean and Santi Gonzolas won APPLE awards.
      • Robin Vora alsol won an award.
      • Normalcy feels like its on the horizon.
      • Planning a school field day.
      • 6th grade outdoor ed alternative: Field Trip
      • 6th grade graduation planning with covid guidelines
      • Kindergarten continuation planning with covid guidelines
  • Future Planning
      • Our support of school supplies will help allow Doug to fund school support and classroom sizes provide as much as extra as possible to make up for any losses this year
      • Increase social and emotional help
      • Hope to bring back COMMUNITY events, tours, buddy work, get to know new families, etc.
      • Bring our “school family” back together :)
      • Have students help create a VIRTUAL TOUR for this awesome school
      • School is CLOSED for summer
          1. HVAC getting redone this year
          2. Base @ Acres Green
      • Summer Intervention Program June 21-July 15th
  • Safety & Securing
      • New Cameras all around the school
  • Thank you to our Board Members. You will be missed!

Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Menu & gifts for the week
  • Favorite Things notebook @ front office (Jill will update if needed)

Virtual Talent Show Update
  • Hoping online platform is easy to use & families participate

Scrips Cards Program (Andra)
  • Gift card giving program. Gives back to the school and allows teachers to pool together funds and get gift cards to their store of choice.
  • Forms due MAY 4th
  • Payments can be made by check (payable to ERE PTA) or via Zelle, Google Pay or PayPal (least preferred method due to fees). Payments must be in increments of $1.00.

1st Day School Supply Kits (Andra)
  • School supply kits for the 2021/2022 school year are on sale NOW through 1st Day School Supplies. The PTA worked with ERE teachers and administrators to ensure the supply lists for each grade are up to date and complete. To order, visit the website for 1st Day School Supplies, enter the school’s zip code (80124) and select Eagle Ridge, choose your student’s grade & gender, and follow the prompts to purchase.

Supplemental/Ongoing Fundraising (Dana)
  • King Soopers (GREAT giveback… $1k/quarter!)
  • Safeway program? Need to do more research on it and look to set it up for next year.
  • Amazon Smile, now available on the mobile App
  • Learn more here:

  • Introduce folks running for board: Erin Veruchi (president), Makara Conn (VP), Rana Hajmurad (Secretary), Alison Anderson (Co-Secretary), Katie Genova (General Board Member) & Indira Hutchinson (General Board Member)
  • PTA members can vote via email (sending next week)
  • Thank you for all our outgoing board members: Amanda Ferguson, Dana Garrett & Paige Rabon. Please be sure to thank these ladies next time you see them. They have worked hard over the past 2 years to provide support to ERE staff, students & families.
  • Returning position: Kalley as Treasurer (last year)

PTA Meeting Minutes 1/19/21
Tonight’s attendance= 26The teachers represented tonight will receive $25 in classroom cashSecretaries Report
  • Approved meeting minutes from 10/20/20
  • Update on Classroom Representatives-ambassadors for your classroom. Will NO longer send meeting minutes
  • Last opportunity to submit PTA membership forms is 1/29-will submit to Colorado Chapter on 2/1

Treasurer’s Report:
  • Approved Treasure’s Report

Principal’s Report
  • Back to school and learning how to keep everyone safe and in school. Needed to add seating charts in the lunch rooms.
  • What do we need next year? We don’t know. Need to finalize the budget for next year. Will let PTA know what we need based on numbers.
  • Budget for next year around $540,000 which is down from previous years.
  • School misses adult/parent volunteers.
  • Valentines Day-Tri County Health looking at what is appropriate for how to celebrate this holiday.

Restaurant Nights
  • So far this year has been a hit! Raised total $1
  • Panera Bread 1/20
  • Cranelli’s 4/12

Spirit Rock
  • Reserve the rock to celebrate any event: Birthday, sporting events, holiday, teachers.
  • $25 to reserve the day you want.
  • Start to paint 4pm the day prior and get the rock for 24 hours
  • All info on our website including signup genius, how to pay and instructions for painting

Virtual Science Fair
  • Friday 1/22 will be virtual kick off assembly
  • Feb 5 all paperwork is due
  • 6th graders will set up
  • Feb 26 will be the actual Science Fair-Mr. Humphrey’s and Mrs. Landis will be the judges

PTA Volunteers Needed-
  • Holiday Shop-can shadow and then take over 2022
  • BINGO!!-need a chairperson(s)

Next PTA Meeting Tuesday, April 20 at 7pm

PTA Meeting Minutes 10/20/2020


Tonight’s attendance= 38The teachers represented tonight will receive $25 in classroom cash● Secretaries Report:
○ Report of October submittal for membership:
■ 84 total members■ 36 staff & 48 families○ Discussion about responsibilities of Classroom Representatives■ Attendance at quarterly General Meetings■ PTA will send all correspondence you will need-just coordinate with your teacher to see how they would prefer you community with classroom parents■ *meeting minutes will also always be posted on our website for review too!○ Motion to approve minutes from 9/1/20 General Meeting APPROVED ( motioned Sam Sweitzer and seconded Tawni Willetts -- motion passed)○ PTA directory will be sent via email soon○ Membership --you can still sign up (families & staff)--will be included in Feb submission● Read-a thon Recap○ Blew the top off of our goal of $30,000 with raising over $36,600!!○ Funds to be spend on supplies (PTA pledged $20,000 to the school for supplies!), curriculum, technology and all of the miscellaneous items we partner to support at the school○ Would love feedback on the new online program we used-please email us your feedback! What did you love/not love and should we use it again?● Principal’s Report:○ Mr. Humphries said we are 60 students short of our budget for enrollment.○ Thrilled with our PTA fundraiser and very appreciative of the funds.● Treasurer’s Report:○ Doing well so far with our initial proposed budget. Read-a thon and restaurant night successes will help with other areas we are down (membership)○ Through donations and sponsorships, we were able to provide Thursday folders and a t-shirt to every student○ Technology purchases for the school- 9 USB document cameras and seesaw subscription for 3rd grade● Restaurant Nights:○ Two restaurant nights per month○ PTA partnered with Papa John’s to hold a restaurant night on the first Thursday of each month. The teacher with the most participation each month will receive a pizza party.○ Important Dates:■ October 22: Tokyo Joe’s (Timberline) -- 25% cash back to ERE■ November 17: Parry’s Pizza (Highlands Ranch) -- 20% cash back to ERE■ December 14: Cranelli’s● Additional Fundraisers:○ Box Tops are due 10/23 and 2/19○ King Soopers■ Register your Rewards card■ Link it to Eagle Ridge Community PTA■ Use code GK674■ Any family member that shops at a Kroger store in another state can link Eagle Ridge Community PTA to their rewards card○ Amazon Smile■ Now available on your phone app!■ See meeting slides for instructions on how to set up your Amazon Smile account○ SCRIPS■ New app now available -- Raise Right is available on iOS and Android■ See meeting slides for instructions on how to set up your Amazon Smile account■ Use Enrollment code = 1F5L19CB4611L○ Longmont Dairy CapsOther Opportunities● Spiritwear Sale○ Oct 15-Oct 30○ and click on “Eagle Ridge Elementary”● Paper Drive○ Nov 2-20th● Volunteer Opportunities:○ Board shadows needed for the following positions:■ President■ Vice President■ Secretary○ Each position is a two year term○ Shadows would attend monthly Board meetings and help at PTA events○ If interested, contact the PTA at● Next General PTA Meeting:○ Scheduled for January, 19, 2021 at 7pm○ We will let everyone know if this meeting will be in-person or virtual

PTA Meeting Minutes 09/01/2020



Tonight’s attendance= 40
The teachers represented tonight will receive $25 in classroom cash (all represented!)

● Introduction:
○ PTA Board for 2020/2021 School Year
■ Amanda Ferguson, President
■ Dana Garrett, Vice President
■ Kalley Sadler, Treasurer
■ Paige Rabon, Secretary
■ Makara Conn, Secretary
■ Erin Veruchi, General Board Member

● Secretaries Report:
○ Discussion about responsibilities of Classroom Representatives
■ Attendance at quarterly General Meetings
■ Facebook ambassadors -- help us spread the word about ERE PTA
○ Minutes will be posted on our Facebook page and emailed to Classroom Reps
○ Motion to approve minutes from April 21, 2020 General Meeting APPROVED (Ariane Parisi motioned and Marci Schwer seconded -- motion passed)
○ PTA Enrollment Forms -- due September 1st.
○ If you want to be in the Student Directory, you must be a paying PTA member
○ Membership -- information will be sent to Colorado Chapter of PTA in October

● Principal’s Report:
○ Doug was not present at the meeting○ He made a video which can be seen here:
● Treasurer’s Report:○ Review of ending budget numbers for 2019/2020 school year■ Ended with $15,000 surplus○ Review of proposed budget for 2020/2021 school year■ Decreased money expected from fundraisers this year■ Keeping expenses for events the same in case we are able to have them■ Anticipating a loss of $16,000 this school year○ Motion to approve budget for 2020/2021 school year APPROVED (Tawni Willetts motioned and Kelly Nathaniel seconded -- motion passed)○ Seesaw■ The third grade teachers have asked the PTA to cover the cost of a Seesaw subscription for them■ Motion to pay for Seesaw for third grade (with the caveat to pay for grades 4-6 as well, if necessary) APPROVED (Kelly Nathaniel motioned and Makara Conn seconded -- motion passed)○ Transportation Funds:■ Transportation funds are being covered by DCSD
■ The PTA Board would like to utilize the funds (roughly $4,300) that are set aside for transportation in other ways (for all general purchases)
■ PTA Board needs member approval to reclassify funds marked for transportation■ Motion to Reclassify Transportation Funds APPROVED (Kalley Sadler motioned and Kelly Nathaniel seconded -- motion passed)○ Eagle Enhancements■ Kalley gave an explanation of what Eagle Enhancements are and how much each teacher/department will get this year. E-Learning teachersare included.■ There is no music this year so that department will not get EE funds○ Classroom Cash■ Classroom Representatives that come to the quarterly PTA General earn $25 for their teacher
● Read-A-Thon:○ Brand new fundraiser for the 2020/2021 school year○ The PTA is unable to do a FUNdRun this year because of COVID-19○ The Read-A-Thon is not based on minutes read -- it’s a literacy celebration.○ PTA partnered with Get Movin’ Fund Hub as an online platform this year■ Website can be used to create webpage for students which can then be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Text and Email■ Parents can create individual pages for their students and family pages so that payments can be divvied up equally between students in the samefamily■ We are encouraging contactless payments through the Get Movin’ website, but we will still accept cash and check donations■ Student pages can be personalized -- you can add your student’s picture and change your student’s personal message (one will automaticallypopulate in when you register, but it can be modified)■ Student pages clearly show donation progress■ Donating through the website is easy -- simply click the DONATE HERE button■ All classrooms have their own page and student pages can be linked to a specific classroom■ Teachers can use their classroom pages to monitor their student s’ progress and add their own rewards/incentives if they choose to■ E-Learning students will be also be able to participate -- parents should register their students and link it to the e-learning teacher’s page (TeamE-Learning + Grade)■ If parents do not wish to create a page for their students and turn in donations via cash or check, the PTA will create an account for that student and manually input their donations■ Register at .■ ERE school code is 5f032789d201f (0 = zeroes)○ Total School Wide Goal of $30,000○ Incentives:■ Register & Create a Page for your Student = Bookmark■ Raise $25 = I Love Reading bracelet■ Raise $50 = Emoji Stress Ball■ Raise $100 = Pen & Notepad Set■ Raise $250 = Entry into a raffle for a chance to win one of our big prizes -- hoverboard, electric Razor school, Echo Dot with child reading/musicsubscription, Kindle. *For every $50 raised over $250, your student’s name will get an additional entry into the raffle for the big prizes■ Top 5 Earners = $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble■ Top Classrooms (K-3 & 4-6) = Candy Bash (prepackaged baggies for each student)○ Important Dates:■ September 1: Soft Launch of Get Movin’ Fund Hub website (first 45 parents to register prior to September 8 receive a code for a free PapaJohn’s pizza)■ September 8 & 9: Read-A-Thon information going home with students■ September 23 & 24: ERE Day of Reading (this is a fun literacy-based day of fun. Teachers determine how this day will look in their individualclassrooms. The PTA will decorate the outside of the school since we cannot decorate inside)■ September 30: Last day donations will be accepted■ Prizes will be handed out prior to Fall Break○ E-Learners:■ E-Learners are encouraged to participate■ There is no possible way for the PTA to do an in-person event for e-learners■ E-Learners can will prizes■ E-Learners will have a designated day to pick up their prizes at ERE
● Restaurant Nights:○ Two restaurant nights per month○ PTA partnered with Papa John’s to hold a restaurant night on the first Thursday of each month. The teacher with the most participation each month will receive a pizza party.○ Important Dates:■ September 3: Papa John’s Pizza in Lone Tree -- 20% cash back to ERE■ September 15: Freddy’s (County Line & Quebec) -- 15% cash back to ERE■ October 22: Tokyo Joe’s (Timberline) -- 25% cash back to ERE■ November 17: Parry’s Pizza (Highlands Ranch) -- 20% cash back to ERE■ December 14: Cranelli’s
● Additional Fundraisers:○ King Soopers■ Register your Rewards card■ Link it to Eagle Ridge Community PTA■ Use code GK674■ Any family member that shops at a Kroger store in another state can link Eagle Ridge Community PTA to their rewards card○ Amazon Smile■ Now available on your phone app!■ See meeting slides for instructions on how to set up your Amazon Smile account○ SCRIPS■ New app now available -- Raise Right is available on iOS and Android■ See meeting slides for instructions on how to set up your Amazon Smile account■ Use Enrollment code = 1F5L19CB4611L
● Volunteer Opportunities:○ Board shadows needed for the following positions:■ President■ Vice President■ Secretary○ Each position is a two year term○ Shadows would attend monthly Board meetings and help at PTA events○ If interested, contact the PTA at
● Next General PTA Meeting:○ Scheduled for October 20, 2020 at 7pm○ We will let everyone know if this meeting will be in-person or virtual

2019-2020 Meeting Minutes

Highlights for virtual PTA Meeting, April 21, 2020

ERE PTA Meeting, April 21, 2020Tonight’s attendance= unknown, unable to meet in person, sent via emailAll teachers will receive $25 in classroom cashSecretaries Report:- Thank you to all the Classroom Representatives who attended the PTA’s General Meetings this year. Every teacher earned classroom cash for the final meeting.- Please check your email next week and vote to approve the Minutes from our January 16, 2020 Meeting.- The PTA registered a total of 132 members during the 2019/2020 School Year. Thank you to everyone who signed up!
Treasurer’s Report:○ Regular spreadsheet of year to date info provided via google slides
Principles Report via YouTubeL Thank you- Jumping to Ready Math, which works well with iReady- staffing open positions for next year
Update on Yearbooks- How to purchase extra yearbooks- All physical yearbooks come with a digital copy- All 6th graders will receive a FREE digital copy as a PTA gift to the outgoing class- distribution: TBD
Yard Signs for Graduating 6th graders now avaialble
Scrips Giftcard program open for teachers/administrators/faculty. Form provided. Order by May 1st.
1st day of School Supply kits on sale now. Order by June 30th
PTA SPONSORED EVENTS: With the announcement that remote learning will continue for the remainder of the 2019/2020 school year, the PTA would like to remind everyone that all of our events in April and May have been cancelled.This includes the following:● Talent Show;● Flower Sale;● Donuts with Divas/Darlings;● Kickoff to Summer Party; and● T-Shirt Design Contest.
Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these difficult and unprecedented times.
Recap of ongoing fundraising opportunities: King Soopers, Amazon Smile. See website homepage for more info.
PTA ELECTIONS FOR NEXT YEAR:The PTA is requesting to elect two new members to the Board for the 2020/2021 school year. These will be two year terms that will begin on July 1, 2020. These elections will increase our number of Board members to 6 people which will allow for better Board continuity through balancing the roll-off of officers.Kalley Sadler: Kalley is new to Eagle Ridge this year. She moved here from Texas where she was involved in the Parent/Teacher organization at the school for many years. Kalley will be replacing Kelly Nathaniel as our new Treasurer.Erin Veruchi: Erin is also new to Eagle Ridge this year. She is a regular parent volunteer at the school and will be joining the Board as a General Member.Check your email next week for information on how to vote in our new members and approve the minutes from our January 16, 2020 General Meeting.
UPDATE: Both elects were unanimously voted in via electronic poll 5/4/2020
THANK YOU!!!Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who dedicated countless hours to ensure that the PTA’s events went off without a hitch this year. We appreciate you so much and know none of this would be possible without your support.

Highlights for PTA Meeting, January 16, 2020

ERE PTA Meeting, January 16, 2020Tonight’s attendance= 27The teachers represented tonight will receive $25 in classroom cash● Secretaries Report:○ Unanimously approved meeting minutes from October○ Membership- will send membership info to Colorado Chapter of PTA due by Feb 1○ Total Membership= 131 total, 44 staff, 88 parents/families○ Restaurant Night Review- doing very well so far! Cranelli’s made $700!!○ Talked about stickers for advertising restaurant nights-seemed split on whether kiddos were coming home with them or whether they were effective-possibly signs outside are better■ Member (CM) suggested possibly a 5th/6th grader to spin a side before/after school as part of their leadership job-would have to purchase signs● Principal’s Report:○ Doug not present-provided a video that were were not able to load○ See attached link in email● Treasurer’s Report:○ Regular spreadsheet of year to date info■ Adding some more “take away numbers” to help unpack the actuals○ Incoming■ Auction: $9600= $14,700 income-$5,100 expenses-missed target■ FUNdRun $36,700= $45,800 income-$9,100 expenses-BEAT our target■ King Soopers!!! Raised $4,100 far ahead of our target● Reallocating these funds away from transportation in 2020■ Restaurant Nights Amazon Smile○ Expenses■ Eagle Enhancements $7,300 spent of $18,400 budgeted■ Hands on Education $3,100 spent of $15,000 budgeted■ Technology $11,000 spend of $11,000 budgeted (charging carts)■ Scholarships $1500 spent■ PayPal Fees $1600 of $2000 budgeted■ Outdoor Education $5500 spent of $5000 budgeted■ Fall Family Night $1500 spend of $3000 budgeted■ Donuts for Dads/Divas $1100■ Classroom Cash $2800 budgeted to spend■ Science Fair $1500 budgeted■ School Grants $0○ Funding Requests■ Mrs. Fisher wants new rockets for 6th graders-asking for $915● Member (SS) offered her dad is involved in rocketeer club that would possibly help facilitate and fund? Approve with contingency of this possibility● Member (MS) recommended more school participation so other kids could see them shoot off-maybe pair up a 6th grade classroom■ Mrs. Lieber wants $1000 from School Grants budget line to enhance the lobby to be more celebratory of our international and multilingual students● Maybe adding something bilingual to the screen in lobby○ PTA President New Employment at ERE■ Evaluation of Colorado PTA By-Laws for Conflict of Interest■ Review conducted by Eagle Ridge Elementary PTA Treasurer■ By-Law interpretation and plan forward voted on by PTA Board, excluding president■ 1 By-Law assessed relevant that addresses employment with “unit” that is non-financial❖ Article VIII Section 3: A PTA/PTSA member shall not serve as a voting member of the local unit’s board of directors while serving as a paid employee of, or under contract to, that unit.■ Board Unanimously-Approved Plan Forward: President can maintain position on board but cannot vote on board items❖ i.e. whether or not to hire a DJ for the end of school party—tie breakers will be brought to General PTA Meetings❖ Large funding requests are already brought to General PTA Meetings for votes such as Mrs. Fischer and Mrs. Lieber’s requests● King Soopers○ King Soopers website-create account-community support-enter code: GK674○ Doesn’t have to be families from our school-can be anyone! And only designate 1 organization○ People want step by step instructions to be included again● Past Events Wrap Up○ Holiday Shop-thank you to John Freeman!○ Auction- Kelly Fitzgerald & Lindsay Fisher procured and donated!! Thank you!○ Science Fair-Laura Linville is the leader!● BINGO○ Jan 24 6:30-9pm○ Need volunteers-please see signup genius that was sent out in e-Thursday folders○ 60 items for raffle prizes● Mother/Son○ Date changed to FEB 8!!● Talent Show○ Talent Show on 4/15○ Auctions TBD-● Father/Daughter Dance○ Most of vendors confirmed○ Volunteers-sign in/registration, at the event, cleanup● Science Fair-Feb 20-tons of events leading up to and after the event-need new chair next year● Send all photos of kiddos to● Board Positions- need a shadow for Treasure, General Board, Committee Chair for Science Fair● Next PTA Meeting April, 21, 2020 at 7pm!!! It’s the last one of the year!!

Highlights for PTA Meeting, October 22, 2019

ERE PTA Meeting, October 22, 2019Tonight’s attendance= 31The teachers represented tonight will receive $25 in classroom cashSecretaries Report: Unanimously approved meeting minutes from AugustReviewed style of meeting minutes. Want to keep to 1 page and will attached PDF of meeting slides for those who need more detailsMembership- sent membership info to Colorado Chapter of PTA in October and will resubmit in February-still accepting members until then as well if necessaryTotal Membership= 128 total, 41 staff, 88 parents/familiesRestaurant Night Review- doing very well so far! Next opportunity 11/5 at Mici’sPrincipal’s Report: Mr. Humphrey’s secretary Michelle is retiring. Her last day is 10/31. Jill O’Daniel will be his new secretary! Will begin hiring for new secretary.Asking PTA to sponsor new STEAM kits-very exciting tools for hands on science experiences in the classroom, similar to items/experiences in middle school, $500/classroomTreasurer’s Report: King Soopers report-much higher with new campaign-will pay for transportation/buses/outdoor edFUNd Run Total Revenues- $36,667.81(Gross $45,832.35-Expenses $9.164.44)Chrome Book charging carts all purchased-fulfilled all tech needs/asksAnnual AuctionTickets go on sale TOMORROW- Oct. 23 through Handbid!!Price As Right Theme!!!Lighthouse/Student LeadershipNew format is going well. Kids are loving their committees and getting things kicked off: News show, recycling efforts, mentoring around the school, school store open before school! Separate committees but finding things to do together. Red Ribbon Week Oct 28-Nov 1Scrip Card ProgramsHoliday season coming up-will have pledge cards for teachers/staff being sent home in November for families to give $ toward fun gift cards*Last date to get PTA shipping (shipped to the school) is Nov. 29-Let Andra know if you want to be included in this special shipping methodEagle Ridge gets kickbacks from each of the gift card salesSend all photos of kiddos to yearbook.eagleridge@gmail.comBINGO Jan. 25- Needs 2-3 co-committee chairs to help-send info to Kristen ColeBoard Positions- need a shadow for Treasure Next PTA Meeting January 16, 2020 (’s a Thursday)

Highlights for PTA Meeting, August 20, 2019

ERE PTA Meeting, August 20, 2019Tonight’s attendance= 35All teachers are represented tonight and will receive $25 in classroom cashWelcome and introduction of the new board w/ mission statement and event rundownSecretary Report: discussion and representation of parent reps-responsible to communicate PTA events/news to teachers and families in their classroom-attend 4 meetings-find replacement if unable to attend, membership-sign up for PTA to be a part of the directory-still accepting forms, until 8/30, unanimously approved meeting minutes from 4/23/198/21 at 7pm boy scouts meeting in gym-sign up event, including girls nowYearbook-take pictures and send to include blurb about what and who is in the photoPrincipal’s Report: enrollment projection at 530 but we are 70+ kids over, kindergarten teacher possibly by Sept. to decrease class size, assessment day 8/27, School Accountability Committee SAC-2 open positions, not ideal scores on district testing-attitude gap potentially in our students-goal will be to increase work ethic through the 8 habits-academically using Math in Focus/MathReady/iReady/StemScope/Reflex Math, student senate/mentor changes to avoid overlap and to increase participation-interviews on 9/5Volunteer Coordinator: Jill O’Daniel, sends sign-up genius, highlighting events throughout the yearTreasurer Report: Review of last year’s budget including the money makers, events that break even and those that lose a bit of money. Proposal for this fiscal year budget with known changes in line items. Unanimously approved the budget for 2019-2020Upcoming Events: Review of events ON the calendar and also the NEW ones that have been added. Flyers will go out in Thursday folders. Next big event FUNd Run & Restaurant Night at Bahama Bucks.Fundraising: Restaurant nights-1 per month-next one 8/27 Bahama Bucks, Box Tops NEW PROGRAM now through an app to scan your receipt; My Scrip Wallet app or online to buy gift cards any time of year through “Eagle Ridge Community PTA” and CODE: 1F5L19CB4611L , Amazon Smile-make sure to do on computer and visit; King Soopers-sign up through Eagle Ridge Community PTA or GK674Volunteer Needs: Need chairs for Talent Show, Father/Daughter & Longmont Dairy Caps; Board Shadows: Treasurer and another general board position, *if interested please contact us pta4eagleridge@gmail.comNext Meeting: 10/22 at 7pm Please visit our website for more details

2018-2019 Meeting Minutes

Highlights for PTA Meeting, April 23, 2019

ERE PTA Meeting, April 23, 2019 Eagle Ridge PTA Member’s MeetingApril 23, 2019 Welcome, Kristen Cole (begin at 7:06pm)Thanks to all members and PTA Reps for coming tonight. The PTA Board and Eagle Ridge teachers appreciate your time. Secretary’s Report - Alicia Callis and Esther MinsonTonight’s attendance currently stands at 25 people. All teachers are represented tonight and will receive $25 in classroom cash. A motion was brought and seconded to pass the January 29, 2019. It was unanimously passed to approve the minutes for the previous meeting on January 29, 2019.
Treasure’s ReportFiscal Year to Date Actuals vs Last Year Financial Highlights:FUNdRun Total $44,349.61, netAuction Total $12,635.33 netRestaurant Nights $1,105.49, which is down this year compared to last year of $2,046.02Kings Soopers Cards $3,035.02 YTD which is being used for field trips which are happening now through the end of the year.Box Tops Total was $88.37 compared to $889.27 last year. Next year Box Tops rewards will be a little different because the pizza party is expensive and took most of the money we made from it this year. BINGO total was -$810.43. This is due to buying prizes at 75% sale cost for the next year plus decorations. But it is a community event and we don’t make money on these events. Father/Daughter Dance was $768.68 compared to $1,649.42 last year. There were 9 committee members this year. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Mother/Son Event was $679.93 compared to $315.80 last year. More people attended this year, expenses were a little more this year. Everyone had a great time. Hands on Tech has already spent $5700 and the remainder of the money will buy iPadsClassroom Cash/Eagle Enhancements – teachers are becoming more familiar with the process and how to use their money so the money spent has increased this year than last year. This is the 2nd year we have done Eagle Enhancements for purchasing materials for the teachers and their classrooms.Items still to fund this year: Remaining classroom cashTransportation for upcoming fieldtripsWater for 4th gradeTechnology purchasesAny remaining hands on education funding will to technology once transportation needs are metYearbookApril/May eventsEagle Enhancements Funded:Seed planting suppliesLeveled reading supplementsClassroom décor, furniture and organizersHeadphonesPrizesParty Supplies Handheld dictionaries for translationsTons of BooksBiography sets King Soopers CardsReloadable King Soopers cards no longer raise funds – the reloadable cards won’t expire but they changed the programNew Program Link your Soopers card/number to give back to Eagle Ridge Community PTA, Go to www.kingsoopers.comSign into your accountGo under My Account Menu and click on Community RewardsChange Organization and SelectEagle Ridge Community PTAOrganization Number GK674Every purchase that you use your shopper ID counts towards the amount given to the PTA each quarterKing Soopers has a set amount of money to give each quarter and will proportionately to organizations based on the purchases of supporters PTA ElectionsPresident – Amanda Furguson (has a 3rd grader & incoming kindergartener, 1st year at ERE).Vice President – Dana Garrett (has a 5th , 3rd grader & incoming kindergartener, been at ERE for awhile)Co-Secretary – Makara Conn (has a 4th & 2nd grader, been at ERE for awhile)Co-Secretary – Paige Rabon (has a 2nd grader & incoming kindergarterner, 1st year at ERE)The nominating committee members were Karen Kitto and Shelley Rubin.Each new board members were nominated, 2nd and unanimously voted into their positions.Kelly Nathaniel will be Treasurer for another year. Summer Volunteer NeedsFUNd Run PlanningFamily Community Event (Picnic/Ice Cream Social) – (formerly Meet & Greet Day) 2 days before school starts, meet teachers, drop off supplies enjoy food and see friends.Yearbook – will need pictures of events in April and May of this year. Also Deidra will be moving on with her 6th grader to 7th grade next year so we need a committee chair to meet with Deidra over the summer. Rebecca Erez will be committee chair for next year. Thank you Rebecca!Garden – who will take care of the garden over the summer? Student Senate will be updating the garden and BASE will maintain over the summer. There isn’t a water source near the garden. Lighthouse Updates – Student Senate UpdatesEagle Ridge Elementary is a Lighthouse Leader in Me School. This means our school follows and teaches the Franklin Covey 7 Habits program. The program integrates timeless leadership principles into elementary school culture and curriculum, providing students with practical character and life skills relevant for today’s 21st century challenges. The Leader in Me provides our school with the vision and language to lead the school in a way that addresses all areas of development. Lighthouse/Mentor/SenateStudent Senate is giving back to the community by updating the garden, making things for a nearby nursing home. Student Senate will be celebrating May 14th in the park and will have a guest speaker. This will be all day. They have really been working hard this year and definitely deserve the celebration. Past Events Wrap-UpsFather/Daughter Dance – 9 people on committee this year, feedback was great! Everyone loved the photo spots by the food. The photo booth was in the hall this year. They had a chocolate fountain which was a great hit.Science Fair – Laura Linville – great response, HRHS science club judged it and they had a great time. Change for next year – set up times will be after drop off in the gym, people can come set up during the day so no one (Laura) would have to stay late the night before setting up.Box Tops – Melanie Mortimore was the chair for Box Tops this year. Thank you Melanie! Box Tops will be going digital. They are slowly switching it to digital by the end of 2019. Keep cutting them because we can turn them in. More information to come next year once it is rolled out by the program…stay tuned or you can visit the Box Tops website as well, Show – we raised over $550 for the Landis family from selling concessions. It went great.KidPower – the ones who attended really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Some of the feedback was as a parent you think you have addressed everything situation, but they brought up other situations that we never thought about or a simple way of remembering the tools the kids need to be safe. Upcoming EventsApril 29 – May 3 – Staff Appreciation Week – “The Greatest Staff on Earth” theme (check out Staff Favorites Binder at the front office for a list of your teachers’ favorites things)May 3 – Friends 2 Friends Event / Deadline to turn in Scrips Order (end of year gifts for teachers)May 6 – SAC meeting at 6:30pmMay 8 – Flower Sale May 9 – Donuts with Divas/DarlingsMay 10 – Field Day / Hand out YearbooksMay 16 – FUNd Run t-shirt contest entries dueMay 23 – End of Year Party Calendar Ordering for next yearSchool Supply Ordering Principal’s Report - Doug HumphreysTonight he played a video – “Inspiring dancer Andrew leaves Cheryl in floods of tears – Greatest Dancer / Auditions” on YouTube. When he has a bad day, he watches the video and it inspires him. He is reading 4 books right now that talk about recovering the soul. From 8:00-9:00 am is when strokes, heart attacks happen. But for Doug, it is his happy time because he gets to greet the kids coming into school. It is like a home owner, you have to get through the tough stuff, (the water heater that broke, the air conditioner that broke) in order to move forward. It’s also like being in the wrong shoe. Think about how hard it is being in the wrong shoe. When you are young you are in a size 2 shoe but as you grow you have to change shoes or your feet will grow and the shoe will be too small. You will be stuck in the past, living in the past.As a community, we support the kids, lift the kids up, encourages the kids. That is what it is all about. When we do this, we get joys from the kids who have overcome the past issues and moved forward just like in the video. I want to thank you for all you do as a community and as a board. Because of the passing with 5A and 5B, Doug now carries a radio with him while on school property. He is able to communicate with the district and Lone Tree Police Department. When the lockdown happened, he was radioed to get the kids inside and it went very smoothly. The radio is very necessary. When he isn’t there, Jill carries the radio.



Meeting adjourned at 8:32pm. See you next year! Thank you for coming! Your Outgoing (minus Treasurer) ERE PTA Board

Highlights for PTA Meeting, January 29, 2019

Eagle Ridge PTA Member’s MeetingJanuary 29, 2019
Welcome, Kristen Cole (begin at 7:18pm)Thanks to all members and PTA Reps for coming tonight. The PTA Board and Eagle Ridge teachers appreciate your time.
Secretary’s Report - Alicia Callis and Esther MinsonTonight’s attendance currently stands at 25 people. Most teachers are represented tonight and will receive $25 in classroom cash. A motion was brought and seconded to pass the October 25, 2018. It was unanimously passed to approve the minutes for the previous meeting on October 25, 2018. Treasure’s ReportFiscal Year to Date Financial Highlights:- FUNdRun Total $44,349.61- Silent Auction Total $23,915.10- Restaurant Nights $1,064.13- Kings Soopers Cards $2,147.89; YTD Comparisons: 2017-2018: $2,810.95, 2018-2019: $2,147.89- Holiday Shop – $1,075.05, John Freeman said the amount made went down from last year because the prices for the items were less expensive than last year. The students were very frugal with their spending, getting more for spending less this year. John is looking for a shadow for next year. - Transportation Fund – King Soopers Card funds from December 2018 forward will be directed towards the - Transportation Funds Campaign; $1,950.00 from Silent Gala and Donations; $344.00 from King Sooper card usage in December- Total Transportation Fund YTD: $2,294.00


Science FairShadow for next week needed and next year, assembly went great, students are excited, February 5th deadline to turn in registration form. Highlands Ranch High School students will be judges again this yearBox TopsDue February 14thSome products that have box tops – Annie’s, Cascadian, also has box tops for ordering onlineFor other products visit Father Daughter Dance – “A Night in Paris”March 2ndReturn registration forms by February 22nd , any questions, email Karen Kitto at kslala@comcast.netYearbookNeed pictures of recent events including last year field day, student senate, student mentors, eaglecare, auction, choir, mother-son event, Bingo, Science Fair, Father-Daughter Dance, Talent Show, specials, running club, Young Ameritowne and each grade every day pictures. Please identify your photos by event or grade and send larger photos to ensure quality. Please email them to are due by March before Spring Break. You can order your yearbook by going to – login – go to school store – under “featured items” there should be “ERE Yearbook” – click on “View Details” – select the student’s name and click on “Add to Basket.” It should appear in your cart and you can then pay for the yearbook.
Kid PowerIt is a program based out of Colorado Springs and is partnering with Lone Tree Police Department to talk with kids about empowering them to be safe and boundaries. Lone Tree Police Department received a grant to cover most of the cost of this program. It normally costs $35. It will cost parents $5.00.The course is for 2 nights, April 2nd and April 9th from 6:00pm-8:00pm.Each student should be accompanied by a parent and it is fine for multiple children from the same family to have just one adult with them. It is for 1-6 graders. Kidpower’s mission is to teach young people to use their own power to reduce the risk of assault, abduction and emotional, physical and sexual abuse. They provide comprehensive safety education and confidence-building skills to young people. Young people are taught to recognize potential danger. Scenarios include situations with peers and adults, both strangers and people they know. They learn practical solutions to the types of interactions they may encounter, such as: inappropriate touch and teasing, bullying, peer pressure, internet intrusions and exposure to weapons. Kidpower starts the conversation between parents and children and how to implement the skills they have learned. There is a cap of 30 children for the program so the children can truly practice the skills being taught. Staff Favorites Binder. It is complete and at the front office. Please take a look at your teacher’s favorite things.
Past Events Wrap-UpHoliday Shop: Thank you to John Freeman for tackling this event!Auction: Thank you to all who supported the auction this year by participating in it! It will be in November again next year.Science Fair Kick-off Assembly: Thank you Laura Linville for spearheading this adventure! The kids are excited!!!Bingo: A huge thank you to all who set-up, helped with decorations, cleaned up, donated, and participated in this event! A BIG thank you to Bree Determan who had the kids made artwork for the walls and Shelley Rubin who ran it all! We had over 30 staff in attendance this year!Mother/Son Event – Thank you to Steph Kopet who planned the event! Everyone had a blast at the Highlands Ranch High School Game! The athletic director liked having us there and is looking forward to next year.

Ongoing Fundraising

Restaurant/Fundraising NightsChili’s – February 26th – 5 pm – 9pmChuck E. Cheese – March 18th 11am-9pm (1st day of Spring Break)Papa John’s – March 28th - 5 pm – 9pmSkate City – April 4th – 6pm – 8 pmGreat Wolf Lodge – April 18th – overnight deal. Reservations must be made by March 31st by calling 844-554-9653 and referencing group code 1904EAGL
King Soopers CardsKeep using them! Give a gift card to family members, even if they don’t live in Colorado. They can shop any King Soopers brand (Kroger, King Soopers, Cala Foods, City Markets, Copps, Dillons, FoodsCo, Fred Meyer Stores, Fry’s, Mariano’s Fresh Market, Metro Market, Pick ‘n Save, Quality Food Centers, Ralphs, Food 4 Less, and Smith’s Food and Drug).The card will deactivate after 30 days of having a $0.00 balance. You will need to purchase a new card if it has been longer than 30 days with a zero balance. Kelly Fitzgerald is the chair for this fundraiser. The 3 highest earning classes for the semester so far are 1.) Mrs. Sanger in 3rd grade, 2.) Ms. Roth in 5th grade, and 3.) Mrs. Carlson in 4th grade. They will win an extra recess and popsicle party in May. Email Kelly at with your card serial number, child’s name and teacher to register. - don’t forget to order on when you order from Amazon and search for Eagle Ridge Community PTA. We get money and the amount you pay stays the same. Coca cola program – Steph Kopet is collecting the bottle tops of Coke products. She will enter the numbers into the website to get money for the school. If you have any Coke bottle tops, bring them in and give them to Steph Kopet.
Lighthouse UpdatesEagle Ridge Elementary is a Lighthouse Leader in Me school. This means our school follows and teaches the Franklin Covey 7 Habits program. The program integrates timeless leadership principles into elementary school culture and curriculum, providing students with practical character and life skills relevant for today’s 21st century challenges. The Leader in Me provides our school with the vision and language to lead the school in a way that addresses all areas of development.
Lighthouse/Mentor/SenateStudent mentors have a classroom to work with, they helped SSN put on a Holiday Show and it was cute! Student mentors are giving tours to new students around the building and teaching the 7 habits.Student senate is collecting for Ronald McDonald House, Highlands Ranch High School Make A Wish and a few other charities. Principal’s Report - Doug HumphreysThank you to Douglas County for passing 5A and 5B. With the money brought in with the mill levy and bond, Mr. Humphreys was able to hire another 1st grade teacher. There are now 4 teachers for grades First, Fourth, with 3 teachers for every other grade. Also with the money, Mr. Humphreys was able to hire a counselor who started January 1, Linda Lieber. Her number is 303-387-7087. This has been great across the board. Her office is booked solid. The stress level of the students is down. Ms. Lieber has been amazing. Mr. Humphreys just got the budget this week for next year. The current student count is 580. Next year’s projected count is 537 so please let the school know ASAP if you are not coming back next year. There is a form at the office to fill out. Transportation is not changing for next year. All field trips have to be completed between 9:30am-1:00pm otherwise we will have to use charter buses. Leader in Me work is coming back to Colorado and Mr. Humphreys and Mrs. Landis have been asked to speak about the program to other schools. People will be coming to tour the school February 13, 2019. As with the Leader in Me program, the full time counselor is a new position to see how it impacts the school atmosphere as a whole. Mr. Humphreys is very excited to have Ms. Lieber on board. She has been at Eagle Ridge for a few years in another position but over this past summer received her education for counseling. Ms. Lieber cohorts with other school counselors and have meetings with other counselors to brainstorm on how to help students throughout the district. Mr. Humphreys passed out ERE’s mission. He would like feedback on our mission and know your thoughts on how to tweak it to fit ERE better. The document is attached.
Volunteer Coordinator - Jill O’DanielCurrent opportunity to be a Watch D.O.G.S. Dad! Please contact the teacher to coordinate.Upcoming volunteer events to watch for: Father Daughter Dance, Friends 2 Friends, Staff AppreciationContact Jill O’Daniel for information on volunteering at Eagle Ridge Elementary at jill.odaniel@dcsdk12.orgVolunteer Opportunities Shadowing for the Board – President, Vice President, Secretary. If you would like to shadow or be a chair, please email PTA.We will elect officers at the April meeting to start their term July 1.The term is for 2 years from July 1 – June 30.
Upcoming EventsFebruary 1, March 1, April 5 – Spirit DaysFebruary 14 – Box Tops DueFebruary 15, 18 – No SchoolFebruary 20 – Science Fair SetupFebruary 21 Science Fair all day (parents 6:30-8:00pm)March 2 – Father Daughter Dance 6:30pm-9:00pmMarch 4 – SAC Meeting, 6:30 pmMarch 12 and 14 – Conferences 4-8pmMarch 18-22 – No School, Spring BreakMarch 27 - Primary Talent Show Auditions, 3:45-5:30pmMarch 28 - Intermediate Talent Show Auditions, 3:45-5:30pmApril 4 – Skate City Night 6:00-8:00pmApril 18 – Talent Show and Great Wolf Lodge FundraiserApril 24 – Volunteer BreakfastApril 23 – PTA meeting (7:00pm); Student Senate Meeting
Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm. See you at the last board meeting of the year, April 23rd at 7:00 pm for the next PTA meeting! Thank you for coming!
Your ERE PTA Board

Highlights for PTA Meeting, October 25, 2018

Eagle Ridge PTA Member’s MeetingOctober 25, 2018Welcome, Kristen ColeThanks to all members and PTA Reps for coming tonight. The PTA Board and Eagle Ridge teachers appreciate your time.
Board of EducationAnne Marie Lemieux spoke about the Mill Levy (5A) and Bond (5B). Anne Marie is our State Board District Liason.Douglas County has not passed a Mill Levy or Bond since 2006. 5A is the Mill LevyThe money will be used for mental health professionals in every school in the county.The money will be used for teachers pay raises and transportation.The transportation budget is non-existent and any bus right now that breaks down is not replaced or repaired. There are bus route shortages because Douglas can’t hire or retain bus drivers with the pay. The bus drivers pay will also be increased with the money.Douglas can’t offer competitive wages like other counties consequently the teachers and bus drivers are going where the wages are higher. Passing 5A will make Douglas County competitive with other counties. 5A will only go to the teachers and not to any Administration.Douglas County School District is the largest employer in Douglas County. Charles Schwab is the 2nd largest employer. 5B is the BondDouglas County is asking for $250 million which is the minimum amount needed. This will be a zero tax increase.The money will stay in Colorado and pay for school buildings maintenance and upkeep. The money will cover tier 1 and tier 2 needs ie replace roof, replace heating/cooling units. Highlands Ranch High School’s heating unit had to be replaced this past summer and the money wasn’t there. The money will also update security systems in all schools.The money will pay for Free and Public Education which applies to all students whether they attend public, charter, alternative or homeschools. If you want to find out about funding go to It has all FAQ for many questions where tax money is going.Dr. Tucker, Superintendent is knocking on doors to educate voters about 5A and 5B. If you would like to sign up to canvas before voting ends go to It only takes 1 hour to cover 80 houses.
Girl ScoutsLauren and Carly spoke about leaving a legacy. They met with Mr. Humphreys over the summer to leave their legacy. It is called a Buddy Bench.It will be put in the upper playground so all students can access the Buddy Bench. The idea is if a student sits on the Buddy Bench, then a leader student will sit next to the student and maybe make a new friend. The steps are 1) sit on Buddy Bench, 2) invite the person on the bench to walk or talk or play, 3) the 1st person can accept or not accept, maybe they are having a bad day, 4) the second student can say maybe tomorrow.The Buddy Bench will have a plaque stating March 2017 – now. It will be made of trex so it will last through winters and summers and years to come.
Secretary’s Report - Alicia Callis and Esther MinsonTonight’s attendance currently stands at 33 people. All teachers are represented tonight and will receive $25 in classroom cash. A motion was brought and seconded to pass the April 24, 2018 and August 21, 2018. It was unanimously passed to approve the minutes for the previous meetings on April 24, 2018 and August 21, 2018. The directory was sent out and the password. There was a misspelling of a name and the directory will be linked on the PTA website for access. The directory is only for PTA members.Treasures ReportFinancial Highlights Fiscal Year to Date: *these do not all show up in the quarterly financials due to post-Sept timing.Profit from Box Tops - $494.Profit FundRun $30,557 net, ($40,466 - $9,099)Profit Restaurant Nights $862 (over $500 for Cranellis)Profit Kings Soopers Cars $558 net, ($1,058-$500)
Eagle Enhancements$2685 to dateHands on Education Purchases, $2965 to dateClassroom supplies, décor and furnitureConference feesAssociation Membership feesReadnQuiz SubscriptionDigital Sentence Mentor for Google DriveDifferentiated Spelling ListsReading AidsSpanish Word to Word Portable Dictionary for ESLSchool-Wide Reflex Math Subscription (Hands on Ed)
Principal’s Report - Doug HumphreysHe likes to start out with a story – about Hokey Pokey. If you listen to the lyrics, you put your right arm in, you put your right arm out, you put your left arm in, you put your left arm out…you put your whole self in and the magic happens when you turn yourself around. The message to the students this year is when you are all in, the difference they can make is the power of going all in. Mr. Humphreys wants to go all in and see the beauty that can come from going all in for the school. He passed out green cards and asked what does ERE mean to you? Put down one word that signifies ERE to you. There are more green cards at the front office. iReady and guided reading are being used every day in the classrooms. Reflex Math was purchased for the entire school to assist with the basics of math for all the students. Reflex Math is also being used every day in the classrooms and can be used at home as well. The students are deep thinkers buy they make simple mistakes and working on the basics can eliminate the simple mistakes.Mr. Humphreys is very proud of Lauren and for the Buddy Bench. The #1 reason for suicide is no one asked them about their day or how they are. He is excited for the Buddy Bench and impressed that they thought of long lasting materials to make the Buddy Bench which will be around for years to come.In response to budget issues and 5A and 5B, Mr. Humphreys mentioned Outdoor Ed was almost cancelled this year because Douglas couldn’t supply the buses. Stone Canyon helped pay for charter buses for Outdoor Ed. Field trips may be cancelled this year as well because there is no money in the district to pay for buses. As of right now, all big field trips (Ameritown, Revolution War enactment, etc) are cancelled. If we had the parents pay for the charter bus fees, the fees would double in price. Gina spoke on mentors. All the teachers took on different leader roles within the school. We have Math Fact challenge and Reading challenge going on. We are striving for one million minutes of reading from the students. There are great challenges and the teachers are excited. There are staff and kid accountability. There are 54 student senates, 33 mentors and had 105 students in running club.
Great Gatsby Gala – Annual AuctionIt is a 1920’s theme. There are fedora hats, ladies headbands and pearl necklaces for sale, buy all three for $10 or one item for $6. It will be a fun night. Dress as 1920’s ladies and gentlemen!Discount prices will be until October 31, then prices will go up. PTA members get a discount on the ticket prices. Online auction will go live November 2 at 3:15pm until November 10. Register and buy tickets on Handbid, Auction will be held at Fox and Hound in Lone Tree and the meal will be the same as last years (Drunken Chicken Tenders, Classic Cheeseburger Sliders, Buffalo Chicken Sliders, Spinach Artichoke Dip, and Garden Salad). Dinner is at 6:00 pm. The silent and live auction will begin around 7:30pm and end at 10:00pm.Gina Landis will be our auctioneer and we have a great line up of items for the live auction and silent auction. Most items are displayed on Handbid now so check them out.We will also be doing an online component of the auction through Handbid. It will open the afternoon of November 2 and will close the evening of November 10. We will have free giveaways throughout auction week for bidding. The items we are auctioning this year include: class baskets, class pottery, staff/teacher experiences, school experiences, family outings and date nights.
Ongoing Fundraising• King Soopers CardsKeep using them! We received $558.00 (July-October 2018) which is almost 1/3 of what was raised last year from July-October which was $1,484.00.Give a gift card to family members, even if they don’t live in Colorado. They can shop any King Soopers brand (Kroger, King Soopers, Cala Foods, City Markets, Copps, Dillons, FoodsCo, Fred Meyer Stores, Fry’s, Mariano’s Fresh Market, Metro Market, Pick ‘n Save, Quality Food Centers, Ralphs, Food 4 Less, and Smith’s Food and Drug).The card will deactivate after 30 days of having a $0.00 balance. You will need to purchase a new card if it has been longer than 30 days with a zero balance. - don’t forget to order on when you order from Amazon and search for ERE. We get money and the amount you pay stays the same.
• Scrip Cards ProgramWe will be offering the scrip cards program for families to give Holiday gifts to the teachers/administrations/faculty and then it lets them choose what they want to get. This year we are also offering families the opportunity to purchase their Holiday gifts by purchasing gift cards through the program.We will be placing one order for the faculty cards and any additional cards families have purchased. There will be a list that will be sent out in Thursdays folders in the coming weeks.
Lighthouse UpdatesEagle Ridge Elementary is a Lighthouse Leader in Me school. This means our school follows and teaches the Franklin Covey 7 Habits program. The program integrates timeless leadership principles into elementary school culture and curriculum, providing students with practical character and life skills relevant for today’s 21st century challenges. The Leader in Me provides our school with the vision and language to lead the school in a way that addresses all areas of development.
Lighthouse/Mentor/SenateStudent mentors are starting to help in classrooms once a week to help students with math, reading or homework. Student mentors are giving tours to new students around the building and teaching the 7 habits.Student senate is collecting items for parties with a purpose for Halloween.Student senate is selling mustaches for Red Ribbon week.Student senate is working with Girl Scouts on a buddy bench project.Student senate is greeting kids in the morning of Thursday’s after their senate meetings.Student senate school store is open in the mornings on Tuesdays and Fridays.
YearbookCover contest – an email went out about a month ago. Each grade will vote on the best drawing and the yearbook committee will vote on the final drawing.Did you purchase a yearbook? You can still purchase one through myschoolbucks account.Send pictures to Make sure you put the event name and grade in the email.
Volunteer Coordinator - Jill O’DanielCurrent opportunity to be a Watch D.O.G.S. Dad! Please contact the teacher to coordinate.Jump Rope (Heart Association) would like a parent helper to assist Nick Forest with the details. Contact Jill O’Daniel for information on volunteering at Eagle Ridge Elementary at
Volunteer Opportunities Shadowing for the Board – President, Vice President, Secretary. If you would like to shadow or be a chair, please email PTA.We will elect officers at the April meeting to start their term July 1.
Upcoming EventsOctober 31 - Halloween PartiesNovember 2 – Spirit DayNovember 2 – Online Auction beginsNovember 5 – SAC meeting, but will be moved to after election day so stay tunedNovember 6 – No school, election dayNovember 10 – Live/Silent auction; Online Auction endsNovember 14 – Pick up Auction winningsNovember 19-23 – No school, Thanksgiving breakNovember 27-30- Holiday ShopDecember 7 – Spirit DayDecember 11 – Newk’s Restaurant NightDecember 21-January 6 – No school, Winter BreakJanuary 11 – Science Fair Kick-Off AssemblyJanuary 11 – Spirit DayJanuary 11 – Mother Son Event (Highlands Ranch High School Basketball game)January 18 and 21 – No schoolJanuary 22 and 24 – Cresthill Parent NightJanuary 25 – BINGOJanuary 29 – PTA Meeting
Meeting adjourned at 9:13pm. See you next year, January 29th at 7:00 pm for the next PTA meeting! Thank you for coming!Your ERE PTA Board

Highlights for PTA Meeting, August 21, 2018

posted 21 hours ago by eagleridgeptaco@yahoo.comThe meeting started at 7:04pm. We have a few new PTA Board positions this year. The PTA Board from last year are: President – Kristen Cole, VP – Steph Kopet, Co-Secretary/Membership – Esther Minson, Co-Secretary – Alicia Callis. The new Treasurer is Vinessa Olp. However, due to her work hours of 100 per week until November, we need a Treasurer to be available before then. The nominating committee (Andra Stene and Dana Garrett) nominated Kelly Nathaniel to be Treasurer. Vinessa Olp will be Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair and will still be on the PTA Board. Kelly Nathaniel was unanimously voted to be Treasurer for 2018-2019, 2019-2020. Vinessa Olp was unanimously voted to be Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair for 2018-2019, 2019-2020.
Secretary’s Report - We forgot to have last meeting’s minutes so didn’t vote to approve the minutes. Next meeting we will need to approve both April 24, 2018 meeting minutes and August 21, 2018 meeting minutes. Most teachers are represented this meeting except Mrs. Ambrogio and Mrs. Dierker. If anyone knows someone in their classes and would like to be the Parent Representative, please let us know. This year the Parent Representatives are in charge of the class baskets to be auctioned at our Annual Auction. It is up to the Parent Representative to figure out what they want to do for the basket. The classes may be combined for one basket or three different baskets. Please get the other parents involved as well. We will copy all Parent Representatives on the minutes email so you have each others emails to coordinate. The Parent Representatives will send out Meeting Notes to the other parents in the classroom. If you don’t have everyone’s emails, please forward the Meeting Notes to the teacher and ask the teacher to send it out to all the parents. By attending all four (4) PTA meetings, your teacher is eligible for classroom cash. Each meeting the teachers are represented by Parent Reps, they will get $25 to spend on their classroom. If you cannot make the PTA meeting, please find a substitute (most teachers have several parent reps) who can attend the meeting in your place. Thank you to all parent representatives here tonight and helping out our teachers.
Membership - We have 103 new members this year so far. This year there will be $5.00 discounts to the events this year for PTA members. If you attend several events, you will have paid for your membership dues in discounts. We are asking that all membership forms be turned in by August 31, 2018 so we can tally up the numbers which are due to Colorado PTA by the end of September. We are also working on the school directory and will email it, with password protection, to only PTA members in the coming months.
Principal’s Report - Thank you for coming out this evening and giving up your evening. This is Mr. Humphreys’ 10th year as principal at Eagle Ridge. Mr. Humphreys emphasis this year is to let the students know that they are valuable and priceless even when they feel crushed and stomped on. There is a new assessment tool this year. It is iReady which is like STAR or PARC or CMASS. The difference is it is used District wide so no matter which school you go to the information is the same. It is easier to assess the student’s strengths and areas where there needs work. It is interpreted the same District wide, like comparing apples to apples. In the past, the assessments from different schools were not consistent and difficult to interpret. Hopefully having a District wide program, it would be faster to assess a new student and see where to place the student in the different learning levels. One thing to remember about iReady, if your child(ren) comes home stating they were frustrated, it is because the questions get harder as they answer correctly. Another good thing about iReady is the program will assess the students quicker and they can start earlier to work on the target areas to be successful instead of waiting until October. The class sizes are about the same as last year. There are now 520 students. Mr. Humphreys is hoping to get to 550. The class sizes are between 20-25 except for 1st grade and 5th grade. 1st and 5th grades are at 28 each classroom. Mr. Humphreys has to hold money in case they don’t reach 550 students. If 550 students are reached, then he can use the money to hire a few more Educational Assistants (EA) to help with the classrooms. There are 4 EA’s right now. An option was discussed for Karate Denver to have as a day camp for Assessment Day. PTA will check with them. Eagle Care is not open for Assessment Day, Mr. Humphreys thought it was open and he will check with them. Eagle Enhancements - This year will be the same as last year. PTA got positive feedback from the teachers last year on how Eagle Enhancements were handled. Each classroom will get an allotted budget amount for the year. The teachers can spend it on items for the classrooms and turn in receipts to be reimbursed. The budget amounts are similar to last year’s with a few changes. Budget amounts:$500 per grade level classroom (K-6th), $500 per special (STEAM/TECH, PE, ART, MUSIC), $1,000 to be split between SSN/AE (SED), $500 for Budden/Mayberry/Templeman, $1,000 for Speech/Occupational Therapy/ESL, $500 for Leader in Me/Student Mentors and $500 for Friends 2 Friends.
Budget - a motion was brought to approve the budget and budget for 2018-2019 was approved. We have a cash basis accrual system so we have a positive balance from last year but it’s because we haven’t spent money on technology this year. We have our 2 big fundraisers in the beginning of the year - FundRun and Annual Auction. King Soopers cards amounts doubled from the previous year. Boxtops line item was lowered because there are fewer items with Boxtops. Flower sales didn’t make the amount budgeted last year so the amount was lowered a little bit. PTA added $2000 for Assemblies for the year. Scripts we made $1000. Hand On Education/Technology budget was split $15,000 each. $1,500 for Scholarships for Outdoor Education, Field Trips and other events. Events usually have a net zero (break even) because they are community events. Staff Appreciation Week PTA had catered meals and less decorations. PTA received positive feedback they enjoy the catered meals so the budget for Staff Appreciation Week was increased.
Bylaws - PTA has to vote once every 3 years to accept the Bylaws. The Bylaws were submitted in 2015. It is time to vote again on them. PTA isn’t changing any of the Bylaws. A motion was brought to approve the Bylaws and the Bylaws were approved for the next 3 years.
Lighthouse Updates - Eagle Ridge Elementary is a Lighthouse Leader in Me school, based on the Seven Habits program by Stephen Covey. This means our school follows and teaches the Franklin Covey 8 Habits program. The program was 7 Habits but increased to 8 to include “Everyone has a voice.” To become more familiar with this program, Stephen Covey published many books such as The Leader in Me, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and the Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families that are great resources. Goal setting is important in Leader in Me schools. Students will set personal and academic goals and will be rewarded via speaker assemblies when goals are hit. We have had many people tour our school to understand how a Leader in Me program works.
Volunteer Coordinator - We are hitting the ground running this year with getting volunteers. We need volunteers for FUNd Run on Friday to be counters, set up, tear down, etc. If you could volunteer, please sign up. The sign up genius went out on eThursday folder. Volunteer badges - pictures were taken on August 10th and Jill needs to scan your ID in order to pick up your badges. If you missed picture day, retakes are Thursday September 27, 2018 all day. W.A.T.C.H. Dogs - this year dads need to contact the teachers directly for signing up when to come in. The teachers know which days would be appropriate to have dads in the classrooms. Upcoming volunteer events to watch for: FUNd Run, Donuts for Dads, Mother/Son Event, Costume sale, Book Fair, and Hearing & Vision Testing. Contact Jill O’Daniel for information on volunteering at Eagle Ridge Elementary at
FUNd Run - biggest fundraiser of the year. The money is due August 31, 2018. You can donate online until August 31, 2018 at Thank you to our Title Sponsors - Martin Home Group (Corey Martin) and Hallmark Home Mortgage (Giuseppe Battaglioli) and our other sponsors Solid Fitness and Weber Facial Plastic Surgery for making the event possible. Our goal is to raise $40,000. If we reach the goal, Mr. Humphreys and Mrs. Landis and the teachers will wear Bubble Balls and have some fun playing soccer as the whole school cheers them on. Bring the pledge coupons on Thursday August 23, 2018 to get keychains at lunch time from 11:00-2:00. If they forgot the pledge coupons, they can turn them into the office and get a keychain. For earning 5 pledges, they get 1 keychain. For earning 10 pledges, they get 2 keychains. As with previous years, 60% of the funds raised by 5th graders will be used to Outdoor Education next year. It was asked if 6th graders could also use 60% of their funds raised be used for Outdoor Education this year. We will change it going forward. Next year both 5th and 6th graders will be able to use 60% of their funds raised for Outdoor Education. August 24th: FUNd Run Schedule8:35-8:55 Morning Kindergarten Runs8:55-9:35 6th Grade Runs9:35-10:20 5th Grade Runs10:20-11:05 4th Grade Runs11:05-11:50 3rd Grade Runs12:35-1:15 2nd Grade Runs1:15-2:00 Full Day/PM Kindergarten Runs2:00-2:45 1st Grade RunsPrizes: $10 total amount raised - Super Hero Pencil and Eraser$25 total amount raised - Fidget Spinner (plus Super Hero Pencil & Eraser)$50 total amount raised - Super Hero Drawstring Bag (plus Fidget Spinner & Super Hero Pencil & Eraser)$100 total amount raised - Root Beer Float Party (plus Super Hero Drawstring Bag & Fidget Spinner & Super Hero Pencil & Eraser)$200 total amount raised - Limo to Lunch (Big Bill’s Pizza)* (plus Root Beer Float Party, & Super Hero Drawstring Bag & Fidget Spinner & Super Hero Pencil & Eraser)*for more than one child(ren) in a family, the first child must raise $200 for the Limo to Lunch, the second child must raise $150 for the Limo to Lunch, the third child must raise $150 for the Limo to Lunch
Other Fundraising Opportunities - King Soopers Gift Cards - always keep a balance on the card to link it to ERE, load it before they scan your groceries, if using at gas station, then load it before you go in the store because it takes 15-20 minutes after you load it at the gas station before you can use it. If you forget to load the KS card before your transaction, the cashier can suspend the transaction and add the amount to the KS card and then continue with the transaction. - it doesn’t cost anything extra, just gives a percentage (depending on the vendor) back to ERE, Go to in or create an accountIt will give you some options for charity or you can pick your own charity, ours is Eagle Ridge Community PTA Click the “select” button to the rightStart shoppingLongmont Dairy Milk Caps - bring in your milk caps for money to ERE, Box Tops and Labels for Education, Restaurant Nights - there will be one restaurant a month and Skate City in the Spring Others - if you have suggestions, please send the PTA an email at
Committee Volunteer Needs - The PTA is in need of some Committee Chairs for the following upcoming events: Mother/Son Event (March, HRHS basketball game), Marquee Coordinator, Auction, Talent Show, Yearbook, Conference Dinners - Oct, Staff Appreciation - May, Box Tops Counting.
Board Shadowing - The positions that will be open for next year are President, Vice President, Secretary. If you are interested in shadowing this year for next year, please email us at
Upcoming Events FUNd Run: August 24th Assessment Day: August 28th FUNd Run Money Due: August 31stNo School: September 3rd Vision and Hearing: September 6th and 7th Spirit Day: September 7th Restaurant Night: Pot Belly: September 13th SAC Meeting: September 17th FUNd Run Prize Day: September 19th No School: September 21st Costume Exchange Drop off: September 24th-28th* Spiritwear – Sale in September**Picture Retake Day: September 27th Donuts with Dad: October 1st Count Day: October 3rd (5 days before and 5 days after) it is important to have your student in school these days. This is how the school gets money for the budget each year. Book Fair: Oct 1st-4thGrandparent/Significant Person Day: Oct 3rdWalk to School Day: October 4thBox Tops and Label for Education Due: Oct 4thStudent Led Conferences: Oct 2nd and 4thSpirit Day: Oct 5th Fall Break: Oct 8th-12thOutdoor Ed: Oct 17th–19th Restaurant Night: Papa Johns: Oct 18th
*Costume Exchange - bring in your slightly used costumes from years prior that are too small and drop them in the bin. The costumes will then be sold at the Costume Exchange. The costumes will be in the lobby. **Spirit wear - if you have spirit wear that is gently used and too small, there will be a bin in the lobby of the school for you to drop off. The spirit wear will be sold with the Costume Exchange.
Next PTA meeting will be Thursday, October 26th at 7:00pm. Meeting ended at 8:43pm.