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Reserve a fence picket to PAINT today!

The ERE Garden fence pickets are officially available to paint!

(Posts are sold out)


What is the ERE Garden?
Studies have found that students who were involved in a gardening program showed higher levels of self-understanding, interpersonal skills, and cooperative skills. School gardens serve as hands on outdoor classrooms that teach children how to grow food, compost, take care of plants and animals. But more importantly they teach children self-regulation and mindfulness - both of which have been shown to decrease anxiety and depression.

We are working on building a new school garden between the mobiles and pavilion where a dedicated water source will be available. We are planning to complete the hardscaping this fall (2023); starting with a garden fence around the area where the garden will reside.

What will the ERE Garden look like?
We have decided to build a split-rail fence around the garden for aesthetics and to make it is easier to see in the garden. We will add the personalized painted fence pickets to the outside of the fence. In addition, the fence posts that we have sold will be placed inside the garden for bird houses.

We are using metal troughs for garden beds. They are affordable and the most durable option. They keep critters out of the garden and can also be painted. We will have 7 garden beds, one for each grade. We also have stumps for seating for the kids and plan to add a storage bench for garden equipment and additional seating. 

How can I support the ERE Garden?
You can help support the ERE garden by reserving a fence picket to paint. You and your children can paint it however you like, with your family name, to show school spirit, with garden artwork or a positive message. It is a great way to create a beautiful garden for our kids!

Please contact the garden committee at [email protected].


How can you reserve a fence picket? It’s simple!

STEP 1: Click below for your payment - and to reserve a fence picket (they are first come first serve!).

STEP 2: Once payment is complete, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on how to get your picket to take home to paint.

STEP 3: Once painted, please return the fence  picket to the garden committee (the garden committee will install the picket for you).


  • We have sold out of fence posts! But still have a lot of fence pickets, so please reserve these sooner than later.
  • The fence has been built, so pickets are available now to paint!
  • You will paint reserved posts and pickets at home. However, you have the option to paint reserved pickets on location (on the fence), just let us know.
  • You will buy your own paint and paint it yourselves (please only positive messages).
  • Please return your painted post or picket to the garden committee to put up in the garden or on the fence. Please do not add yours to the garden yourself.
  • Once your post or picket is painted and installed, it will remain that way until the paint has worn off (could be many years depending on the paint). At that time the post/picket will be available for someone else to paint.
  • Please contact the garden committee at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Fence Picket


Reserve Yours Today!

  • The pickets are visible from the outside of the garden!
  • You can paint the picket on one side.

Examples of painted fence posts and pickets

These are examples of painted fence posts and pickets. You can paint the post or picket that you reserved anyway you like, such as with your family name, garden artwork, school spirit, and/or a positive message.

Additional Tips & Tricks...

  • The post can be painted on all 4 sides. These will be used for bird houses. Note: they are currently sold out.
  • The picket can be painted on one side, the back can be bare.
  • Premium outdoor latex paint or artists' acrylic indoor/outdoor paint is best. Do not use washable paint.
  • An 8oz size container of paint should cover the entire post or picket for your base coat. You will probably need to paint 2 or 3 times for complete coverage.
  • You can use 2oz size containers of paint for the design in as many colors as you like.
  • Once you have the base coat done, use chalk or pencil (that can be easily erased) to sketch out your design.
  • Make sure to have a wide variety of brush sizes. Use the smaller brushes for more detailed areas.
  • Bring paper towels and wet wipes to wipe off any drips or mistakes.
  • Bring a cup of water for your dirty paintbrushes.
  • Wearing rubber gloves will help keep your hands clean.
  • Search online for design ideas, there are tons of them!

Have fun and take pride in your addition to the ERE garden!


Contact the PTA - [email protected]

Eagle Ridge Elementary School | 7716 Timberline Road, Lone Tree, Colorado 80124